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- Our Mission -

Our team strives to build the biggest discord server list. We launched this website after being annoyed by the bumping systems that many popular lists use. These systems hurt user experience and waste the time of owners. Instead, we sort servers through member count and tags. Our algorithms let users locate servers quickly.

- Design -

We also pride ourselves in an easy user interface. Our design is clean and simple, no ads, just discord servers. We'll continue to improve and expand this website.

- Contact Information -

Join our support server: https://discord.gg/juR2XyD
CEO's Discord Info: Henry#1234 (Join the server and then message, I don't check friend requests)

- Privacy Policy -

The only data stored is discord user ID's and general server information. We will never disclose your information to third party entities. We don't store any sensitive information, since we don't ask for it.