Moderation, Role- Channel- User- Management Bot for Discord. User-friendly and clearly structured.


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Prefix 'rn ' (customizable) or mention
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RAVEN Discord Bot

RAVEN is a multi-purpose discord bot.

With almost 40 moderation commands your server can be managed perfectly.

RAVEN also includes a large number of information commands such as "serverinfo" or "userinfo".

Text formatting commands like "big" make your text appear in a beautiful codeblock.

But that's just one command of many to format your text.

For those who need help in school, we also have math commands: add, subtract, multiply and divide.

We also have commands that automate your server, so you have the option to specify a join role to be assigned when a new user joins the server.

A channel for the welcome and goodbye message is also adjustable.

Once you have set everything, you can display these settings with the command "eout" or switch off and on with the various "trigger-commands".

The complete commands can be found in the help menu (@RAVEN help).

If you are not convinced yet by RAVEN, then convince yourself and invite RAVEN to your server!

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