Host any Tournament in your Discord server with Tourney Bot
A versatile bot that does everything from Fortnite Stats to Splatoon 2 rotations!
Leveling | RPG | Music | Hypixel Stats | Fortnite Stats |and many more usefull commands
Fortnite stats, Fortnite shop (Auto), News, Dropping, Challenge... all graph display
Weekly Fortnite Stats, Graphical images for Overall and Season Stats and a built in translator.
Graphical Fortnite Stats Bot with Auto Fortnite Shop, Server Status, Weekly Challenges, Rdm Drop and Fortnite Map
EDGE Can do | Send Meme | say Hello and Bye To You with cmd! | Fortnite Stats | Music Command | And More! | >> e!help << |
A simple bot to check your/others Fortnite stats & more.
A Discord Bot used for Fortnite Stats/Game data