Website License

Information about the website license.


"" & "botsfordiscord" & "" are in no way shape or form affiliated/associated with "Discord" or "DiscordApp" or ""

All credit to the original logo goes to Erik Ragnar Eliasson. The logo was modified by Charbel Habchy to create a more modern aesthetic. All of the license requirements "Free for commercial use (Include link to authors website)" have been successfully met.

This website utilizes an open source MacOS type notification system. No changes have been made.

"" & "botsfordiscord" (case insensitive) are a trademark of Charbel Habchy. Use of these titles in any shape or form is prohibited unless otherwise approved.

The design and functionality of "" and all its respective pages are a copyright of Charbel Habchy. Reuse and distrubtion of any design or functionality code is strictly PROHIBITED.

Failure to meet the requirements of the license shall be met with action to the highest extent.