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Hi, I'm Alfacusa the newest bot on Discord based in Role-Play. Currently, I count on several systems such as plantations
Create a unique RPG with your own quests and weapons! Customise your profile! Level up, and rise to the top!
Start your journey to collect the most badges! RPG your pokemon to become the best trainer!
Collect and level up 1000+ cards of over 250 unique species of animals!
Deutsch / German | Musik | Reaction Roles | Moderation | Private Sprachkanäle | ... und vieles mehr!
One single bot to chat, lookup anime & manga, play music, get cute animal pics, get boorus and nuke codes (LOL).
A Welcomer bot with welcome images, Web Dashboard, Reaction Role, Logging, Autorole and Banword
TikTok utilities for Discord. Get post notifications, view profiles, watch videos, and more.
The original Nezuko Bot, perfect and adorable with more than 90 Actions, Moderation, Minigames, Memes, Leveling and more