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The most easy-to-use Discord bot! Custom Commands | Moderation | Leveling | Twitch | Youtube | Reddit & more!
Create a unique RPG with your own quests and weapons! Customise your profile! Level up, and rise to the top!
Jeanne has a variety of commands. Personalizable settings like welcome message, levelup message and custom prefix.
A multi purpose Discord bot with tons of features. Add Bastion to your server and enhance your Discord experience!
A high-quality Music bot, with moderation, interaction, search, administration commands, and much more.
The best bot for the management of your server & easy-to-use.
A currency bot, that's only focused on currency. Get crates by typing messages in chat and open them!
An Activity Monitoring and Server Management bot!
A powerful multipurpose bot with high quality music, auto-moderation, a web-dashboard and a lot more.