Verification Program

Do you have what it takes to become verified?

Verification Requirements
Post your server count
You automatically post server count using our API.
Keep it safe
Your bot cannot be NSFW targeted. Make sure to lock all NSFW commands to NSFW channels.
Make something unique
Your bot is 100% original and unique. Unique meaning, there is nothing out there like it or if there is, it is very rare to find one.
It's alive!
Your bot must have 24/7 uptime. It is permitted to go down for maintenance but please let us know.
Follow the rules
Follow Discord's guidelines and terms of service.
Support your bot
An official support Discord server for your bot.
Do we know you yet?
Your bot must have been on the website for at least 7 days.
It's pretty big!
Your bot should be in 1000 or more guilds/servers.
People love it
Your bot must have at least 10 unique votes.
A special widget
You must have a widget of your bot on your bot's website or Github repository. Click here to learn more.
Follow the best practices
Your bot must follow the best practices for Discord bots. Click here to learn more.
What does it do?
You must make use of your long description. That can be CSS, HTML, or Documentation of your bot.
Verified Developer Perks
Custom Background on Profile
Set a custom background on your profile.
Verified Badge
Show off your verification status with a verified badge on your profile.
Access to a secret channel
Chat with other verified developers in our exclusive Discord server channels.
Get an awesome role
Let others in our server know you're verified with the Verified Developer role.
More coming soon
A bunch of new, cool things are on their way!
Verified Bot Perks
Verified Badge
Show off your status with a verified badge the bot's card and page.
Set a theme
Set a custom theme for your bot that will be reflected in the embed and bot page.
Colorful widget
Tired of using dark mode or blurple as your widget color? Unlock more customization options.
Get featured
Every 12 hours we feature 4 random verified bots on the front page of the website.
Get an awesome role
Let others in our server know your bot is verified with the Verified Bot role.
Golden bot card
We're not Willy Wonka, but a golden bot deserves a golden bot card.
Vanity Url
Make it easier for users to find your bot with a custom link.
Read all the requirements and think you have what it takes?