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League of Legends

Want to have a "League of Legends" server? This template is just for you. Check it out now! #aram-events , #normal-events , #international and more.


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League of Legends Server Template?

If you have a LoL (League of Legends) Community, this server template is for you, yes it is definitely for you. This is not a joke! You can prepare a carefully prepared and stable server with special channels and roles.

Template Channels

  • #welcome
  • #aram
  • #announcements
  • #general
  • #find-a-player
  • #bot and possibly more.

Template Roles

  • Leader
  • Riot Employee*
  • Community Leader
  • Global Moderator
  • Moderator
  • Player and again possibly more.

Thanks, League of Legends Template - Alf - Not affiliated with Riot Games!