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2,360 Monthly Members(avg)


Top of our Front Page

Millions of people use our website to find discord servers. Premium servers are the first communities that these people see. Premium servers are cycled through on the homepage.

on Front Page.


Top of Server Listings

We will pin your server at the top of any tag you add. You will also frequently be pinned on searches. Our advanced algorithm puts your server in front of users who want to join it. We have millions of users and they will see your server first!

on Tags & Searches

Pink / Blurple Accents

Blurple or Pink server accent

Give your server an engaging blurple or purple highlighted color to attract more clicks.


Two Upvotes instead of One

When users upvote premium servers, the server earns two upvotes instead of one.

Upvote Boost

3,275 Monthly Members(avg)


All website perks.

Your server will obtain all perks from Tier 1, and more.

from Tier 1

Promoted more often

There are more available spots for tier 2 premium servers, you will be displayed more often in front of our millions of users.

75% More

Red Server Accent

Red accent

Give your server the most engaging red highlighted color to attract more clicks.

Support the Project.

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