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Campfire Community

Campfire Community is a awesome community full of epic gamers. If you'd like to join our server and get support you can below!


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Campfire Community!

Hey Hello! We are here with a renewed and more stable Template. Campfire Community has a large Community and we are working on new additions to gain seriousness and make it more attentive.

Updates will be annouced in our discord so you can join below.

If you still do not use our template, you will only need to test it once. If you like our template, don't forget to vote on Discord Templates. In this way, we might make the top!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do you have a Support Server for us to hear news instantly? A: We do have one at the bottom of your page.

Q: What bots should we use? A: I would recommend MEE6, Dyno, Groovy, Carl-bot and Dank Memer.

Server Creator:

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