Template Guidelines

Last edit: 09/10/2020

We appreciate people's creativity. Creating wonderful communities with templates that we offer is our sole goal. In order to keep our website a safe place for everyone, we log and check new templates added recently, also go through edits.

While we do our best to actively monitor the content, we aren’t responsible for any activity or content that is posted; however, we expect template creators and users to report issues in an appropriate manner, by using the Report button or contacting our staff team in our Discord server.

Any guidelines or terms of service violation can result with actions such as a simple content removal with a warning, a blacklist or a global ban from our services, depending of the situation.

Website admins can issue punishments to actions against our terms, without stating any reason.

What is awesome to do with templates

  • Create your own servers with your own templates, share them with people.
  • Use our diverse templates to start building your own communities.
  • Don't limit your creativity, and create all kind of templates, for professional use, or even for memes and fun!

What is not allowed to do.

We will take all appropriate actions against users using/creating templates for the following purposes and remove the content from our services.

  • No advertising. Server templates shouldn't be used for advertising purposes. Don't include any form of advertisement on the template itself, including the name and channels/roles names.
  • No copycats. Do not create copies of existing templates to resubmit them in our services. Don't post any content that you don't own. Don't claim other's work as your own.
  • Don't ask for money. The usage of all templates are 100% free and you agree to not ask for fees or payments to users using them, neither offering payments to make new ones within our services.
  • No spam templates. Templates fully filled with spam, such as random or duplicated characters in channel or role names is a no-no. This includes the description of your template.
  • No inappropriate usage of tags. Keep tags on purpose and don't add other unrelated tags in your template description. They help people to find appropriate templates for specific usage.
  • No inappropriate content. Templates promoting a point of view or activities that we don't tolerate, including but not limited to: (child) pornography, sexualized contents, animal cruelty, racism, harassment, suicide, self-harm, blasphemes or hate towards some communities.
  • No personal information. Don't include any personal information, such as your name, adress, phone number or credit card information. Don't use templates to dox anyone. Don't use our services with intent to shame or degrade another individual.
  • No illegal activity. Templates shouldn't promote any illegal activity, directly or indirectly. Don't help users to create and spread malicious activities.
  • Nothing against to Discord's Terms of Service and Discord's Community Guidelines is allowed. Server templates and servers listed in template descriptions should comply to Discord's rules and guidelines.