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Watch Together!

You like watching movies with friends? Than fear not, this is the right template for you!


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😱😱😱 NEW APPLICATIONS HAS BEEN ADDED TO TEMPLATE! CHECK IT OUT! 04/05/21: + Giggl (aka new Rabb.it) text & voice channel added to the template.

  • Teleparty (aka Netflix party) text & voice channel added to the template. - Do you like watching movies with your friends? But need a Discord server for talking and watching your movie at the same time? So this is the right template for you. Watch Together makes everything easier than you think. Voice channel sessions, private rooms and application information included channels and such as more! Start your journey with using this template, right now! 😎 TL:DR: 1. Voice channels (aka Sessions) for every single application!
  1. Private chatting rooms for specific applications which one you choose!
  2. Detailed information for added applications on the Discord server! (you can check out the channel descriptions on every single app.) 💖 Thanks for using this template! You can upvote every single time if you want! 🥰